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December 04 2009

Today is Friday!  That means it is time for the weekly grab bag. We feature all kinds of stuff we found interesting from the past week.  This weeks bag includes our thought on Visa Black cards, Mortgage Rates hitting all time lows, a judge wiping out $500k in debt for one luck man, and a couple facing life in Prison for not tipping....okay not prison, but the were arrested.

The SpendOnLife Friday 12/4/09 Grab Bag for your enjoyment.
FICO has shed a little light on how your Credit Score might be affected by late payments. 

Learn how much your credit score drops because of a late payment.
Are Public Wifi Spots Safe or are they the breeding ground for ID Theft.  Read our post about WiFi ID Theft.
We thought this was a pretty funny receipt from our Black Friday Post.
This is the beginning of our Soup stream.  We hope to make this a great place to follow the very best of SpendOnLife Blog.
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